Leader Auto Repair

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Leader Auto Repair

350 Kiely Blvd Ste H

San Jose CA 95129

(408) 247 - 2817

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39 reviews

23 years ago I brought my Nissan Maxima for an oil change (back then it was $14.95!) I was surprised that they topped off all the fluids and inspected my... read more
2017-11-23 06:33:13 posted by Christopher M.
Asked for a simple fuse and the guy asked me for 5dollars! I was like, 'that's so expensive' and the guy simply said 'no' without even looking at me and... read more
2017-12-05 10:16:38 posted by John O.
Liars, rip-offs; came here for one thing and was quoted really low (just to pull me in), but, after work was done, was told it cost double because they had... read more
2017-01-11 22:24:40 posted by El Q.

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