Randy's Auto Repair

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Randy's Auto Repair

1125 17th Ave

Santa Cruz CA 95062

(831) 462 - 0336

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20 reviews

The owner is incredibly rude and inconsiderate. He is completely unprofessional in every way. His employees are really nice --- best thing I could say he... read more
2017-06-18 12:02:45 posted by Fidel G.
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The guy that answer to the phon is so rude and they charge over price . Do not trust this guys !!! I will never call again read more
2017-05-01 09:17:40 posted by Daniel C.
**** WARNING **** WARNING **** WARNING **** -------------- NEGATIVE 5 STARS ( ~ ) ------- I recently took in my RV for a brake problem. The rear brakes... read more
2015-07-23 11:58:31 posted by Tammy G.

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