How to choose a good auto repair shop?

Finding the right auto repair shop to work on your vehicle shouldn’t be so difficult. With all the shops out there, where is the best place to take your car? Our website is geared to help you determine your best choice, no matter what kind of car or truck you drive.

Should I take my car to the dealer, an independent mechanic or an auto repair chain?

If your car is still under warranty and is malfunctioning, you should take your car to the new car dealer for repairs, or at least call to see if the problem you are having is covered under your new car warranty.

If your car is out of warranty, the cost savings of an independent repair shop compared to a dealership’s service center can be significant. Check the costs before you just head to the dealer.

Oil changes, brake repairs or other repairs not covered by new car warranty

Tires, brakes, oil changes, 30k and 60k mile services aren’t generally covered under warranties. You do need to check your purchase agreement as some dealers and manufacturers do offer these services for the first year or two. If you are not covered, the services can be performed by an independent repair shop and this will not void your new car warranty.

Keep your records for all services done to your vehicle in case of a warranty issue in the future. For example, if your engine fails, you will need to prove that you had the oil changed as required.

Diagnosis is everything

Keep in mind that every mechanic is not trained and equipped to repair every make of vehicle on the road. If your Volvo has a driveability problem and you take it to a mechanic that has only worked on one Volvo in the last 5 years, it might take him longer to diagnose and fix the problem than if you took it to a mechanic that specializes in Volvo repairs.

The businesses featured on our website have entered the makes of vehicles they work on when they signed up with us. When you perform a search on our website, the search results will only show the shops that work on your make of vehicle. If that shop specializes in a specific make of vehicle it is duly noted on their business profile page.

Online Reviews

On our website, we collect and combine reviews from Yelp and Google. The star ratings give you an overall rating of the company from the people that took the time to write the reviews. Online reviews are important, they tell you a lot about the business.

Some businesses deserve bad reviews, but almost every business has had at least one dissatisfied customer. An unhappy customer might also be more motivated to write a review than a satisfied customer.

When working on cars sometimes a repair takes longer than it should, things just don’t go right. Parts do arrive late and many times the wrong part is sent by the parts house. This isn’t an excuse, it really happens and happens quite often.

Take time to read the bad reviews and see why the company has a bad review. There will always be someone that complains that an auto repair shop didn’t return a phone call or answer an email promptly.

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